All your ideas were eye-opening, and something refreshing for me after DAYS reading and reading an absolute glut of information and getting nowhere.
Jessica Veles
Well done on another great resource. The book looks brilliant!
Fiona Newport
This looks fantastic! Congratulations!!
Kate Canberra
Great Job!!!! Really excellent and a great read
Claire Brookes NSW
A budding entrepeneur could wish for no greater inspiration than that offered by these refreshingly practical guides.  Well organised information clearly illustrated in a bright and welcoming package combined to create an inviting introduction to the world of self-employment. While presenting the pitfalls the tone is overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. There is something here for everyone!
David UK
This book is an excellent resource for anyone thinking of starting their own bookkeeping business. It contains clear and concise information to help you develop your client relationships and build you business. With plenty of practical tips and sound advice this book is excellent.
Julie NSW
What a great idea! After many months of searching for the right way to start my own business I came across the ideas book. It provided some very practical suggestions and helped me decide on the best area to launch my business. With such a comprehensive list of ideas there is bound to be something to suit everyone. I found my idea, what’s your’s going to be?
Melissa QLD
I love it!  Have already read volume 1 and about to order volume 2 – I have so many ideas now of what I can do to work from home and spend more time with the kids.
Kirsty Sydney
As a business owner currently launching my own bookkeeping business, I am in desperate need for this book, it is a HUGE relief to know there is expert guidance at hand to ensure I don’t fall into a black hole. Best of all because the advice is from someone who has been there and done it, I have a lot more confidence and trust in the information provided.  
Son Albury
A very useful book with of a lot of very interesting advice.  Has made me think about how I run my business and given me some good ideas on how to streamline and increase my client base.
Mick Brisbane
What a motivating read!  Sophie’s book is interesting, inspirational and shows a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in this area.  If you are thinking about starting out on your own and looking for great ideas, this is the book for you. I’ve used lots of the tips already!
Bel Sydney
I just wanted to say that Sophie's book is fantastic. It is so easy to read and down to the point unlike most books where you have pages of unnecessary clutter. I have had the idea to set up my own book keeping business for a number of years, having done the books for my husband's business, but never really got into it. Now with Sophie's book I get so many ideas about the steps involved and - most importantly - how to attract clients. I have already used a few little tips and it really works. So thanks Sophie, I will launch in August 2009.
Leslie Small